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iller is specially formulated with no lingering chemical odor. what's that? [ sniffs ] i don't smell nothing. raid! raid! raid! raid ant & roach killer kills bugs dead! with no lingering odor. sc johnson. a family company. new details concerning that fire that destroyed a d.c. mansion last week. what the mayor has to say about the low water pressure accusations made by firefighters. plus will schools close as quickly this year because of the swine flu. we have the new guidelines that schools will be following. and a veteran firefighter
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arrested, charged with offering to pay a 16-year-old for sex. the details behind the sting operation that landed him in the hands of police. fox 5 midday news starts now. brand new guidelines from the federal government about what to do if the swine flu hits the fall as expected at schools. thanks for watching fox 5 midday news. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm holly morris. thdepartment of education, health and homeland security gave advice on should schools close as many did this past spring. feds advise schools not to close if only a few schools have the flu. those who do get it should stay home 24 hours after fever symptoms have ended. if a swine flu outbreak gets bad, the feds may recommend students stay out of school for five days, even if only another
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family member has the flu. >> we are learning more about a possible swine flu vaccine and what it will do to make you stay healthy. >> it's probably going to take more than one shot to keep the family protected. >> lauren sivon has more details. >> reporter: if you thought getting one flu shot was a bit much, try three. scientists believe the swine flu vaccine will be most affective if given in three doses weeks apart. the clinical trials kicked off last month should tell experts more. >> we should have early results duri the first ha september. what this will tell us is whether we need one or two doses. >> reporter: if all goes well, the swine flu vaccine could be made available for the public sometime before the end of september. >> the first installation may be in september and then going
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further into october. >> reporter: the seasonal flu vaccine is being produced earlier than usual. 120million doses will be available by the end of this month and the rest due out by the end of september. health experts are recommending families get the shot as soon as possible. meanwhile scientists watch the affect of swine flu on the public. some fans in a soccer game in spain this month were asked to wear face masks. scientists will continue to monitor the virus for any type of mutation. in new york, lauren sivan, fox news. health care reform is a topic that sparks questions. congress will work on a plan over the summer break. donna edwards was in oxon hill yesterday to explain it.
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she says ending the practice of denying coverage for a preexisting coverage and a hole in prescriptions will help you. and she pointed out if you're worried about a government run health care plan, she reminds you that the government already runed military health care and medicare. it is a beautiful morning outside. >> and it is about to get warm. so what will it feel like this afternoon. tucker barnes is in with a look at the forecast. >> winds out of the north at about 10 miles per hour. a lot of blue sky across the area. this will be a picture perfect summer day for washington. we'll have a lot of heat this weekend and that's the fore shadow of our weekend. but right now look at that. 78 at reagan national. dulles and wbi77 degrees. winds out of the north and the air in check and dew point running in the low 60s.
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ai very comfortabl r. s ke a great looking afternoon. just a few high clouds across the region at this hour, but the trend around here will be a ti of sunshine this afternongec an y unaipngwer tiany rainshowers or thundersto act tift today. so nice and dry this afternoon. and even this evening. there is a look at your forecast. a lot of sunshine, a warm afternoon, warmer than yesterday. yesterday we were in the upper 70s. high temperature of about 85 degrees and we'll have some real heat around here for the weekend. mid-90s by sunday. i'll have more details on that coming up. back to you guys. >> very good. thanks, tucker. a break in a murder case in charles county. and one of the suspects is only 14 years old. the teens ambushed a boy and his brother last tuesday in their home in waldorf.
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benjamin thomas and traylon harvey are under arrest. they staked the others for weeks and targeted them because they carried cash. they left behind a stolen bike and were tracked down. robert healy confessed to killing 21-year-old kristin hawkins last memorial day in laurel. the woman's body was found in a path along the river. he faces a maximum of 40 years in prison when he is sentenced today. from the housing projects to the highest court in the nation, the senate has confirmed the nomination of judge sonia sotomayor. she'll be sworn in tomorrow. her nomination wasner really in -- was never really in doubt. the nomination 86-31. and this made her the first hispanic on the supreme court.
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she'll join the court when it reconvenes next month. still free to hit the car dealership this weekend to unload your clunker. the trade-in program has more money. the cash infusion was necessary after the first two weeks. the extra funding does not have support from everyone. >> we're spending $3 billion to subsidize car purchases from automotive companies we own. >> my colleagues on the other side of the aisle who are constantly bashing the recovery package for not delivering immediate results should be jumping for joy. >> the white house said without more money the program would have ended today. it should now have enough cash to cover trade-ins through labor day. the president will be back in virginia today. the president is set to deliver remarks about the economy to
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construction workers in arlington this afternoon. the president will also address the latest unemployment numbers that came out this morning. and in the meantime, new information from the labor department could be evidence the recession is slowing. job losses in july were less than expected and the overall unemployment rate has fallen instead of going up. 247,000 jobs were cut last month. that's the fewest in a year. the jobless rate stands at 9.4%, down fro9.5% in fjune. fox 5 is helping you get a .jo th're featuring a job jo day every d aynd a today's hoping is a high tech services ncorporated st. 's looking for a veterinarian or vet tech. the salary is between 75,000 and $85,000 a ywir eathr a full benefits package. for more on thijob, go tto, and click on the job shop tab near the top of
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the home page. this weekend you could save some big money by shopping in virginia. the sales tax holiday started today and goes through sunday. certain school supplies under $20 and clothing and shoes under $100 are tax-free. d.c. and maryland have canceled their tax holidays because of the bad economy. there is nothing liken joying some down time in your backyard and that's what one man was doing until he was hit in the head from above. wait until you hear what it was that fell from the sky. and the last day of redskins camp is tomorrow. and as the boys prepare to wrap it up, dave ross talks with a second year tight end. and a barber used hair to create a creature. check that out on in the off beat section. we're just getting started this morning. don't go anywhere. academically gifted,
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a taliban commander and pakistani officials confirming the country's top taliban leader has died. he was killed in a missile strike on wednesday. an aid spoked to the associated press and confirmed he also had one of his wives killed. he had been suspected in the killing of ben zero bhutto and other deadly bombings. and war advisors say the u.s. will likely see two more years of heavy fighting. and the u.s. will either hand over control or lose or go home. he is a counter insurgency expert who will become senior advisor to the top u.s. general in afghanistan. he's been highly critical of the war's management to date. two days after they arrive back in america, we are learning more about the two american journalists jailed in north korea.
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lisa ling says her sister laura told her they both did touch north korea soil before being arrested. lisa ling says euna ling's 4- year-old daughter has been following her mother around the house from room to room since she returned home. this is the scene at a home in northwest over a week ago. a raging fire engulfing the home of peggy cooper cafritz, the former d.c. school board president. her mansion burned to the ground. at the time firefighters said putting out the flames was tough because of low water pressure from several hydrants. that's a problem that has plagued other high profile fires in the city. today the mayor, the fire department and wasa talked about it. >> i think it was significantly off of what we needed, but it's important to remember again as the mayor said, the home was 15,000 square feet, which is a very big house, and the house
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was significantly involved. so it was probably 800 to 1,000 gallons or more short of what we needed to contain the fire. >> if there is ever another fire in this area that it come through with the water supply trucks, water supply engines and that would make a tremendous difference were there to be another fires. so th residents of cambridge, yes, there is infrastructure problems but there is a short- term solution should something like this happen again. >> officials reveal the area where the home is serverd by one eight inch water main that is 75 years old and corroded. is there is still no cause of the fire. a disturbing link between george sodini and the virginia tech shooter. they both bought guns from the same wisconsin-based dealer. sodini bought his legally. investigators found an undated
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video of him on the internet revealing the man struggling with the way he interactions with the world. >> so my objective is to be real and learn to be emotional and to be able to emotionally connect with people because when i'm 10-20 years older than she is, she has to feel good about this thing. and the only way around that is to work on this. >> sodini killed three women tuesday and wounded 9 more at a gym. four victims remain in the hospital. a man whose wife caused a deadly wrong way crash in north korea says there is no way she was drunk or high when she collided with a suv killing eight people. results show her blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit and had marijuana in her system. police also found a broken vodka bottle in her minivan.
11:16 am
her husband says he's never seen her drink and believes a medical problem may have hurt her, like a stroke. >> she was a perfect wife, mother, reliable person, trustworthy, i would marry her again tomorrow. she's the best. >> and tell us about your daughter. >> it's my little girl. she's gone. i don't know what to say about that. >> the man's daughter, three nieces and the people in the oncoming car were all killed. the family attorney says they have not decided if they want to exhume the woman's body for additional testing. imagine sitting outside and something from above hits you in the head. that happened to a man in detroit. first he thought it was a bird. but it turns out it was a piece of an airplane. >> if it would have came down a straight shot, it would have
11:17 am
been lodged in my brain. i felt that's the most important thing, it didn't happento my kids or anybody else. >> he lived in a flight bath near the detroit's metro airport. no word on what plane the part may have come from. >> a light day out at redskins park. no morning practice. but that didn't stop the players from doing individual work. >> dave ross caught up with fred davis who is expected to make big contributions to this year's team. >> we're now joined by fred davis, the second year tight end out of usc. thanks for taking the time. we know you had the day off, but you still have to come in at 2:00 for special teams practice. never a day off. >> never a day off. but it's good to get the extra little bit of sleep. we have special teams and meetings and stuff. you don't want to have too much away. we're still at camp. but just having the time off is good enough. >> and now last year, your rookie year, came in and made plays late in the year.
11:18 am
but this year i think people are expecting big things. what do you expect out of yourself? >> well i just expect -- i just want to be on the field. i want to win. whatever it takes. if it's special teams or me making a block for another player to score a touchdown, that's my whole goal is to finish every time i'm out there on the field and let the coaches know i can play and let the fans know they didn't waste a draft pick. >> i think the fans know they didn't waste a draft pick. and they know maybe cooley draws a double and you can seat up. >> and we have cooley and tanner out there. somebody else has to step up. i think i can make players and we have players making them, like devon is making them and malcolm is stepping up. definitely we have people double teaming those two guys so i feel like there is a lot of opportunity out there and i can try to take it. >> now your second year here, jim zorn's second year as well
11:19 am
as a head coach. how familiar would you say he is and the offense is now under jim zorn? >> i feel like it's just like me having another year in the nfl. i think that you have to have more experience. you learn from the past. of course you're never going to be perfect. but i think you just learn from whatever you've done and can adjust to the league and to me playing, as far as playing, i think it makes you better as a person having the experience. and that always helped and i think coach zorn is ready this year and i think he wants to win a lot and he's going to do whatever it takes to put whoever we need to on the field to win. >> and led me ask you this, you're from ohio. and pete carol got you out there at usc and now you're back here on the east coast. is this california heat or are you used to this stuff? >> no. this heat is different. you get out here and start to get gs flying in your mouth. >> you didn't get that in southern california. >> no. it's dry heat.
11:20 am
but the fans here are more into it. so that's probably the good side about it. we might not have the weather but the fans are good. >> you've adjusted to life in virginia. >>o yeah. >> and well we hope you adjust to the touchdowns this year and redskins have a good year. thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> for more camp coverage and any of the dave versus dave challenges that are hilarious, go to >> just click on the sports. we've got you covered. a montgomery county firefighter is paid leave. what he was caught doing and how that has him in trouble with the law. plus a new statue of a hollywood a-lister causing controversy. the story behind this new creation. back in a moment. 
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i'm going to call our
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what's cooking segment today fiesta friday. because we have ron vasquez from uncle julios in here chopping up fresh jalapenos. what are you doing today? >> today we're going to make a salmon, grilled sal upon served over a fresh set of vegetables served with a fresh pineapple salsa. so it will be exciting. >> it looks so colorful and so invitingly fresh i should say. when you're trying to come up with something to compliment the salmon, do you want strong bold flavors or something kind of mild? >> i would take more mild. that way you can really get the flavor of the salmon. because the salmon is not too -- it's got a very light flavor to it. so you don't want something that will over power it. >> and what are these jalapenos going in? >> they are part of the vegetables. they add a little bit of heat to the vegetables. >> we like it. add a little kick to our iesta
11:25 am
friday, what do you think, guys? >> love it. we're ready to come taste. holly it looks good. >> i can't wait. it will be delicious. and what a beautiful day. a lot of sunshine. humidity is in check. you can actually see the capitol. sometimes this time of year we can't see it. nice looking forecast and you can see the nice breeze there. we'll have the changes in the forecast coming up. >> and i'm excited because when i came in it was dark and i can't wait to go out and see how pretty the day is. a local firefighter is busted and the accusation he's facing this morning and the way he was busted. that's coming up next. midday continues in a moment. explain.
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fire investigators and mayor fenty say infrastructure problems played a role in battling a massive fire on
11:29 am
cambridge road. the fireen gulf of mexicoed the home of peggy caper cooper cafritz. but they say the hydrants were pumping out as much water as they could for the water main that serves the street. the fire chief said greater water pressure ulnod wot veha been likely to douse the flames before the flames gutted the home. there is still no cause of the fire. the government has issued new guidelines for public schools to deem with the swine flu this -- to deal with the swine flu this fall. they should only close if large numbers of students have the swine flu and sick kids can return 24 hours after the fever is gone. a veteran firefighter off the job and facing charges. police say the firefighter used his county e-mail to solicit sex from what he thought 16 woeaa 16-year-old. roby chavez has the story. >> reporter: the veteran and high ranking firefighter was busted here in the middle of the parking lot at the holbrook
11:30 am
shopping center in gaithersburg. montgomery county police say it's clear 44-year-old wayne mothershead came here to have sex with someone he thought was a teen. >> there were an exchange of e- mails, there was an exchange of phone numbers, there was a confirmation that he understood that she was 16 years old, that he understood that he would be required to pay for any sexual services rendered. he agreed to all of that. >> reporter: at rest is part of a larger sting to catch a predator. 20 arrests were made by montgomery county vice detectives. he has been with the montgomery county fire department for two decades. >> he's very proud of being a firefighter. he has an excellent reputation in the community. absolutely no complaints about him in turnally. never been in any trouble ever. >> reporter: his lawyer questions police tactics. >> and their advertising on craigslist on the adult sex internet list.
11:31 am
and people who are interested in having sex with adults get on that list. >> reporter: detectives say the 44 answered a prostitution ad on craigslist on july 15th and then followed the girl to a myspace page allegedly using a county computer where he communicated with a police officer posing as a 16-year- old. officials say the two agreed to meet five days later at holbrook shopping cent. one e-mail said if you're okay with my age, hit me back. and police say he was willi to pay $150 for services. >> this was a carefully crafted and developed operation. our detectives know the legal limits that they can go to, and they stay within them. >> reporter: roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> montgomery county police say they've had to abandon the sting because the arrest compromised the undercover operation targeting craigslist and myspace.
11:32 am
mothershead will face a judge nest friday. they believe the case will be dismissed. for now he is on paid leave. turning to weather now, i have to say, it is absolutely gorgeous outside. and this morning, i couldn't believe it when i had to get my polar fleece when i was cool. >> it was cool outside. mother nature delivered a nice one for us today. >> before she knocks us out. >> with the heat. >> don't be fooled. because into ndwkeee nd ae weekend and early next week we'll have an old-fashioned summer heat wave houndere. and we'll have plan ouaccording and in the danger zone by sunday afternoon. beautiful and 78 degrees at reagan national. humidity is 40%. that's right. it's august and we're talking about humidity level at 40%. winds out of the north at 12 miles per hour. the pressure 30.17 inches. what a beautiful day across the region. check out these temperatures. 77 in baltimore. 70s at this hour. still in the 70s at 11:00 a.m.
11:33 am
75 right now in frederick. 75 in hagerstown. i'll get out of the way. and in ocean city, above the 80- degree mark. 81 in ocean city. a beautiful afternoon around here. high temperatures in the middle 80s. so just a few degrees below where we should be this time of year. we start the day with a few clouds passing through during the early morning and we're left with a lot of sunshine. we look out to the west, not a lot happening. and we have high pressure building in here today so it should be a fine afternoon, a lot of sunshine expected. winds through the afternoon should be out of the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour. at the beaches, nice looking day. dry conditions in ocean city and rehoboth this afternoon and high temperatures down there in the 80s. so good looking start to the weekend. things will be changing and in a big way here as we get into the weekend. turday starts off fine. high temperatures of about 90 or so. but into sunday, the heat that's been across central sections of the country is
11:34 am
really going to start to arrive and by sunday afternoon, i know we have a big soccer game at fedex field and people if you have out door plans, it looks by sunday, monday and tuesday, our high temperatures will be in the mid and in some places upper 90s. so we have a forecast of 96 here with sunshine on sunday. so much warmer weather on the way. so my suggestion, enjoy this afternoon. mostly sunny. and again warmer than yesterday. yesterday only in the upper 70s. 85 by this afternoon. winds of the north at 5-10 miles per hour. and tonight comfortable. overnight low not as cool as this morning. 67 for an overnight low. tomorrow 90, warm front could bring us a thunderstorm. 20% chance in the day, late tomorrow and into the night. and then sunday and monday high temperatures in the middle 90s and depending on how much cloud cover we get we could have upper 90s sunday and monday.
11:35 am
it will be hot. good news is by the middle of next week we will get a cold front to cool us down. it won't last for weeks. >> thanks, tucker. the entertainment world is mourning the loss of the writer who captured the highs and lows and awkward moments of the teenage years. >> john hughes passed away from a heart attack in new york yesterday. he was 69 years old. he made 16 candles, breakfast club, national lampoons vacation and ferris buehler's office. >> and so young. taking home a puppy is an exciting time but you need to be prepared. >> no matter how cute he is. training for you and your pet. we'll be back in a moment.
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[ sniffs ] an olive. [ sniffs ] green, with pimento. ooh. he's good. nothing gets past him.
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getting a new puppy can be a very exciting time. but you want to make sure you know how to train your new pup so that both of you can be happy after you leave the shelter. and joining us with more on training this morning and also two adorable guests is deny swig ert from the loudoun county animal control. i have these little dogs at home and to hold this puppy is a sweet experience because he fills up your whole lap. i think i lo him. this is francis. >> that is francis. he's nervous but doing well. >> he's breathing like uh-huh. we're talking about what you need to know. because you get kind of caught up in the moment at at adoption and then you get home and it might be a different matter altogether. what do you need to know? >> the most important thing is
11:40 am
to realize that puppies need a lot more than you think that they do as far as attention and care. puppies physically cannot be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. they need this for house training, they can't physically hold their bladder so they need to be -- have someone home with them every few hours and also important for socialization. they ned tget out and get introduced to different situations and different people so they grow, not being afraid or worried about new things. >> what is the biggest mistake that people make. because you never want to see anybody come back to the shelter at all. what is the biggest mistake people make. >> i think the biggest mistake is that puppies aren't as much work as they really are. and people get frustrate the very, very easily when maybe the puppy is going to the bathroom in the house or is mouthing on things, which is
11:41 am
very typical for puppies. >> they're just like kids. they teeth and -- they'll teeth and they stay little. unlike kids b you have to -- you have to care for them the entire life plan. and who do you have? >> i have chester. he's more out going and he's more vocal. these are shepherd hound mixes so the volkization comes out once they get going. >> and these two guys are up for adoption. >> and also with their brother. and they were six and now we have 3 left. >> how old are they? >> 9 weeks old and they're already 20 pounds. so they will be big, big boys. >> well we're just overjoyed that you brought them in today and we'll get another look here at cute francis. thank you so much.
11:42 am
loudoun county animal care and control. okay. well she is a big hollywood a-lister but a new statue is sparking some controversy. and we'll head over to studio b. and also check in with our guest chef. holly called it fiesta friday. i agree with that. we'll be back in a few minutes.
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
i can think of no better way to celebrate a friday than a-- with a fiesta. and that's what we're doing here. and we have some beautiful pieces of salmon. >> we're going to make a mesquite grilled salmon served over a bed of fresh vegetables. so first thing we've done is taken two pieces of salmon
11:46 am
here, seasons them with perria or grilled spices which are secret spices here. and then we'll lay them on and get some great grill marks on these. >> and a little olive oil on there. >> to help with the grill. >> so it doesn't stick. >> so we'll leave these on the grill for a few minutes and then move on to the second part which is our saute of our vegetables. so we'll take some vegetables right here. we have some preheated with hot oil and we'll take some vegetables here. we have a nice mix of zucchini, squash, red bellpeppers and tomatoes and a couple of slights of jalapenos. >> and those are fresh. not the ones that come in the jars. those are fresh. >> no. these are fresh jalapenos. >> how colorful. >> it is fresh. all of the platters we are offering for our healthy item. >> so you can have mexican foot
11:47 am
and by heart healthy. >> especially in our arlington location. >> as long as you don't get the queso and guacamole. >> we have five locations in the d.c. metro area. >> he frequent two of them myself. >> and as i was talking to you, i would love to see you come out to our arlington location on fairfax drive. let's see if we go back to our fish. >> the fish tends to cook up pretty quickly. >> it tends to quick quickly. normally you'll do 3-4 minutes on these. so we have good marks on those. these we stel have -- these still have a few minutes. >> so you are just doing the grill marks. >> we can transfer it to our regular plan. and we'll move on to the next part which is our pineapple salsa. >> and this is where you put me
11:48 am
to work. >> and some golden pineapples already cubed for you and red bellpeppers, diced. >> can i just come pick it up and done. >> we can go that route also. >> here is cilantro. >> i love cilantro. and red onions. >> one of the great things about this is ifure in the mood to have us come cater at your place, your office, we can do any special event that you're having. please call our catering department. we would love to take -- >> lemon juice. and what is this here? >> red wine vinegar. that's a little potent. >> and just a little bit of salt. to add flavor. >> and then just mix it all up. >> you see the great color that brings out. and then when you taste it, it's just -- >> it's ohso good, right.
11:49 am
>> of course. >> and you could serve this salsa up with quite a few things, because this would complement a lot of things nicely, right. >> yes. what is nice is it's a nice summer item right now. >> it looks like summer. you could call this summer in a bowl, i'm telling you. >> very good. >> we're almost done over here. our vegetables are done. and we will turn our salmon, see how these ones re doing here. >> i want to remind everyone that the recipes are online at and also don't forget if there is a restaurant, a dish or someplace you would like to see featured here on the midday show, drop us a line at and do do you have guacamole. >> yes. >> then we're definitely coming back. what do you think guys? fiesta friday is on.
11:50 am
>> thank you holly. we'll see you in a minute. well it's something many men have been waiting for. to see angelina jolie's boss um. if go to norman, oklahoma, can you see it. a naked statute of the celebrity breast feeding her twins. nor mon is down the highway from brad pitt's home town. some call it art and others say it's too sexual. >> it's for adult eyes only, i believe. >> think it's awesome. i think that women should be able to breast feed in public without having to worry about it. so i'm really proud that something like this is here. >> the statute is part of a brangelina project in oklahoma. the artist med in ed mon to build a home inspired by the celebrity couple. >> okay. i don't understand how she's holding them. it's like two loafs of bred.
11:51 am
>> that is a hold. it's like a football hold, the baby is this way and the mouth is here. but it's a hold. but -- >> allison is the resident breast feeder. >> and thank goodness those days are over. but her expression is like -- >> it doesn't look nurturing. >> and she's closing her eyes with her head back like a cleopatra thing. >> this is art. it's an art interpretation. >> you're right, tucker. it's cooler time. >> bloop, bloop, bloop. >> we're here today and just mixing it up. the rule for many businesses, no shirt, no shoes, no service. check this out. these little feet can even -- can't even walk yet. imagine these baby feet. they were old enough to get a 6- month-old baby sent packing. workers at a missouri burger king kicked out 6 mold kay len frederick, her mother and
11:52 am
grandma. they say she violated the no shoes, no service. she wasn't paying. but burger kings they apologize and will be retraining the employees. >>she's not even touching the ground. >> obviously someone took it too literally and said everyone coming there was not allowed to -- >> i say rules are rules. [ laughter ] >> if we let this one go, then what? >> yeah. it's just an avalanche. that's why tucker gets no fan mail. i'm kidding, tucker. you know that. a connecticut woman spent more than $2,000 to stage a dinner honoring herself as nurse of the year. the big problem is, she's not a nurse. she even works in a doctor's office though. now she could face up to five
11:53 am
years in prison if convicted of wreckless endangerment and criminalin personation charges. doctor he worked for believed she was a register nursed nurse. the big topoff the honor she was supposed to win was from an organization that doesn't exist. >> how starved for attention. >> and the hope is that she didn't do anything during her years when she was ptending to be a nurse that could be harmful. >> well, right. exactly. >> how do you get the job? don't people look at references. >> people don't really check them. >> wouldn't somebody recognize you, like you're not a nurse. >> no. if she's been saying i'm a nurse for five, six years or something like that. and one last story. a special guest at ravens training camp up in westminster, maryland yesterday. this is strange. take a look at this video. it's snoop dog. he took in the practice on the side lines and even spent time -- spent time with ray lewis.
11:54 am
he is a well-known steelers fan. he also coaches his son's youth football league for a very long time and helps out with the los angeles area high school team. so maybe he is taking notes for their new season. apparently they loved having him there. he stayed there for a long time. >> he said he respected the d. and wanted to see it iperson. >> i wonder how that goes over with the head coach. it's a bit of a distraction. >> yes. it absolutely would be. >> it doest keep the team focused on what they need to do. >> the first week of training camp is a little bit of a circus mentality any way. they don't get serious until they close off the practices. >> or until they start losing. >> then they'll be playing that tape back. maybe not a good idea to host anyone. >> maybe we need to be more serious in our training camp. >> i think it's cool. star power never hurts. >> i wonder what the players thought about the hat?
11:55 am
if only he could tie it tighter. >> all right. very good. festa friday. are you in? we'll be back in a moment to taste it up. academically gifted,
11:56 am
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many morning we were out at the hard county fairgrounds because their 64th annual county fair opens up tomorrow. it runs from saturday to saturday and promises to be fun for the family. we checked out things inside the arts barn where people bring things and compete in different categories, be it woodworking or fine artsor
11:59 am
canning, jams, baking, quilting, you name it. and then when is the last time drove a skid loader? for me it was this morning. because we were previewing the spearing competition. this is only the second year they've had the competition and it was so wildly popular last year, they brought it back this year. of course it's just one of many competitions they have, be it pie eating, cow milking, all of the different rock bands and country bands they have playing and the 4h side of the fair as well. a fun time. only $5 to get in. >> did you practice that before you drove it? >> one time. i got a little skid loading skill in my background. >> forecast. if you go to the fair this weekend. it should be great. 85 degrees. it starts tomorrow. >> yes. >> 90 degrees tomorrow. maybe a latda

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